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Wiser Hall Addition and Renovation, Prescott ON

Booth and Rochester Re-development - Aerial Concept Sketch View North

Tulip Hall and the Munk Performance Centre - Concept Sketch, Booth and Norman Street

Munk Centre for Exploration - Concept Sketch

Hockey Hall and Mixed Use Commercial and Office - Concept Sketch, Booth Street,

Booth and Rochester


Entry Court and Canopy with Mixed Use Commercial and Office - Concept Sketch, Booth Street,

Skating Hall and Atrium w/ Mixed Use Commercial and Office - Concept Sketch, Booth and Rochester

Entry Court and Canopy with Mixed Use Commercial and Office - Concept Sketch, Booth Street at Orangeville.

Tulip Hall and the Peter Munk Performance Centre - Concept Sketch, Booth and Norman Street

Wiser Hall Addition and Renovation, Prescott ON

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The Booth and Rochester Street Redevelopment is a Mixed-Use development utilizing existing historic buildings combined with new Office, Commercial and Residential Building additions.

The new development includes a new canal cut from Dows Lake up to the existing NRCAN Complex.  Across Booth Street a new development revitalizes and reprograms the existing historic buildings on site. The new develpment adds and introduces new office and residential programming and features unique new glass atrium's which provide summer cafe, bar and restaurant spaces, and in winter months provides hockey and skating facilities and sideline viewing garden and patio entertainment spaces.

The Ice Rink and Winter Rink Facilities will allow for late night hockey and figure skating alongside late night entertainment.  For a hockey town like Ottawa rink space is a valuable commodity and so why not develop commercial and office space along side rink space that could function early to late hours.  The facility will provide for extended Winterlude festival space in winter, and in spring will host Tulip festival concerts in Tulip Hall and the Peter Munk Performance Center.  For summer and fall months, Canada Day and other Music Festival activities can utilize this new location along the beautiful canal.  

Adjacent to the site is the TULIP HALL and PETER MUNK PERFORMANCE ARTS CENTRE and the MUNK CENTRE for EXPLORATION. This includes TULIP HALL as part of the expanded and Redeveloped ENERGY MINES AND RESOURCES CANADA facilities on Booth Street. The facilities will feature and promote the Canadian Lumber Industry and the Canadian Mining Industry and their importance to the history and future of Canada. The new exhibition facility, conference hall and performance center will feature and highlight the mining and lumber industry by recalling it's past and promoting it's future and it's historical connection to the Booth and Rochester Street site.

The Development will allow for a new destination and a new vibrant footprint along the picturesque canal system and central Ottawa. 

As the City of Ottawa and the surrounding neighborhoods grow the new development will provide a new centralize area to enjoy on foot or on bicycle, exploring historic facilities with new cultural,  sports and entertainment facilities.  With new commercial, residential and office space as well as performance and conference facilities a new an expanded riverfront neighborhood will flourish. A new entertainment district will arise along the canal water way...!

The Mixed Use Development, which could become a news campus for Shopify or other tech developers, will feature commercial shops, restaurants and bars and will cater to young High Tech Startups, Design Firms and Mixed Media clients, creating a unique and vibrant new neighborhood where Work and Play are close to home.  The sports facilities include a gym, a rock climbing facility, three indoor and one outdoor ice rinks located in Hockey Hall, Skating Hall and the outdoor Park and Plaza adjacent to Tulip Hall.  The area will feature Sports and Entertainment mixed with new residential and office facilities close to the majestic setting of Dow's Lake and the vitality and charm of Preston Street.

This next Great Pearl along the Canal Chain will now create three vital commercial entertainment districts along the Rideau Canal.  The development extends destination points along the Rideau canal, and supports new waterfront opportunities linking the Byward Market, Lansdowne and the new Dows Lake Preston District.  It will provide locals and tourists with a new cool vibrate area to enjoy. 

Before long, the next generation will be jumping on canal water taxis heading to take in the Byward Market, Lansdowne and the Preston & Rochester District.  Whether for sports, entertainment, parties, weddings, and tourism, all promoting our great City of Ottawa and Nations Capital.

With one of the closest distances between Highway 417 and Dow's Lake, close to the LRT Transit, combined with the Bronson Avenue corridor and the and existing Preston commercial establishments, this new expansion of the area into a major arts and entertainment district only makes sense. The new district will retain historic fabric of the city while fostering a new Ottawa and Nations Capital entertainment place in the heart of the city along the majestic Rideau Canal.

The   next   GREAT   PEARL   along   the   RIDEAU   CANAL   CHAIN

Booth and Rochester Re-development - Aerial Concept Sketch View South

Booth and Rochester Re-development Proposal

The Byward Market, Lansdowne and the new Preston, Booth and Rochester District will be linked and extend the Canal destination neighbourhoods in a growing city...! 

Like a new pearl upon a chain ..!


N  e  x  t            G  r  e  a  t             P  e  a  r  l            A  l  o  n  g             t  h  e             R  i  d  e  a  u          C a n a l




A     H E R I T A G E     P L A C E  ...  A     N E W     O T T A W A     D E S T I N A T I O N     S P A C E

A     H E R I T A G E     P L A C E   -   A     N E W     O T T A W A     D E S T I N A T I O N     S P A C E

Tulip Hall and the Peter Munk Performance Centre - Concept Sketch, Booth and Norman Street

Booth and Rochester Plan - Water Features

Booth and Rochester Plan - Glass Atriums

Booth and Rochester Discover Centre Site Plan

The site is the historically significant Victoria Island.  As an artifact, the existing stone walls of the historical carbide mill on Victoria Island are a metaphor of the structuralization and domination by Euro-Canadians of the First Nations people of the land which has now come to be know as Canada.

The intervention of a First Nations Cultural Centre and Meeting Hall within the artifact recognizes the past, respects it, but does not hold it sacred.  Building upon this ruin becomes a justification of past existence, but is not an attempt to return to those existences.  This balance between existing and imposed relates to their current existence.  The existing walls become one of the layers which delineates contemporary First Nations ideals, those of respectful, intelligent and spiritual people who exist in harmony with the existing landscape and do not dominate over it.

A     H I S T O R I C     P L A C E  ...  A     N E W     O T T A W A     D E S T I N A T I O N     S P A C E





Tradition is the Blue Print, Social Rules, the Building Code

..... the study of personal privacy within a public building and an investigation of public building witin a greater urban context, an island within the city