A r c h i t e c t u r a l           I l l u s t r a t i o n

Erick McEvoy Architectural Illustration is an Ottawa based Architectural Illustration firm providing a wide variety of illustration and graphic design services in both traditional and digital formats.  Erick McEvoy Architectural Illustration also provides architectural model services and retains a drawing archive of over 200 original hand drawn Ottawa building landmarks and Ottawa picturesque scenes.

Erick McEvoy’s interest and passion for art combined with a Bachelor of Architecture Degree and an Architectural Technologist Diploma brings together artistic talent with design and detailing knowledge of architecture, urban design, landscape design and construction detailing.

Erick has lived, worked and studied in Rome, Shanghai, San Francisco, Denver, Austin, Toronto, and Ottawa giving him a wide array of experience to help develop his creative talents.

He has worked for both the Canadian and United States governments, numerous architecture firms as well as various public and private agencies and media companies.  Erick has also previously had a part time teaching position at Algonquin College teaching architectural design.

Erick's studies abroad, along with his experience and leadership in historic preservation and documentation for the U.S. Park Service brings a valued preservationist interest to his work as well.

University of Guanajuato, Guanajuato, Mexico

Rideau Chapel Gallery, National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa ON

Parliament of Canada Library Section Detail,

Chaudiere Falls Tower Section Detail,

National War Memorial

Ottawa, Canada

Market Street Streetcar Collection

San Francisco, CA

Bluff Dale Suspension Bridge Record Drawing

Bluff Dale, Texas, US Park Service

Bank Street Facade Collage 1998, Ottawa ON

EU Ambassador's Residence

Development Study Sketch

Ottawa, Canada

Government Conference Centre 

Former Ottawa Train Station

Sectional Perspective 

Cottage Addition

Val des Monts, Quebec Canada

Bluff Dale Suspension Bridge Detail Drawings

Bluff Dale, Texas, US Park Service

Cottage Watercolor Commission, St. Donat Quebec

Upper Hill Sketch, Cuzco Peru

City of Ottawa Trail Road Facility Study Sketches, IBI Group Architects, Ottawa ON

Delphi, Greece

Global Warming Warning.!

Tour de France

Edwin Moses 1984 Olympics

Guanajuato, Mexico

Bridge and Townhomes, Amsterdam, NL

Frank at O' Connor St. Residential Development Addition and Renovation Ottawa ON

Chaudière Follies Warehouse Theatre, Ottawa ON

Pet World Egypt Pet Store,  Ottawa ON

Delphi, Greece

San Luis Potosi, Mexico

Paracas, Peru

Parliament Hill Center Block

Ottawa, Canada

Korean Cultural Centre Concept Design Panel, Los Angeles CA

Piazza del Colosseo History Panel, Rome Italy

F. W. Woolworth Co. Department Store 1915 - 1993, Rideau Street, Ottawa ON

Jefferson County Transit Station and Parking Garage Concept Plan

Jefferson County Denver, CO

The Rome Institute for Learning - Museum, Theater and Cultural Centre,

Roman Forum, Rome IT

Parliament Peace Tower Section at Carillon Bells

Ottawa, Canada

45 Mutual Street Addition Concept Options Study Sketches,  Toronto ON

45 Mutual Street Addition Concept Options Study Sketches,  Toronto ON

45 Mutual Street Addition Concept Options Study Sketches,  Toronto ON

Hill Street and Stair Sketch,  Cusco Peru

CCOC Apartment Building, Lisgar at O' Connor St.., Ottawa ON