A r c h i t e c t u r a l           I l l u s t r a t i o n

Community  Outdoor  Research  &  Education

Develop nationally and internationally known outdoor learning education programs and facilities, from building a fire to hunting and fishing, forestry and building technologies that are right at our front door step to learn and better understand and developed our environment and future.  From the East Coast Maritimes to northern Quebec, Ontario and Manitoba, the Prairies to BC, there are large great opportunities to use the natural landscape around Canadian Northern Communities to educated and make remote youth healthy with outdoor activity as part of dedication to excellence in education.

• Community learning opportunities right within nature and the environment surroundings that students and teachers can benefit from

• Outdoor learning incorporating new and progressive, and yet in many ways, old ways of learning and teaching will enable students to learn in a living laboratory and a model for education programs now coming on stream

• Research and innovative education system will help promote personal health while also providing a better understanding of the environment for every next generation of students

• Education investment in programming that promotes health and fosters better understanding of tradition and the importance of the environment

Community Outdoor Research & Education

• Creative Ideas with Outdoor Research and Education

• Today’s classrooms should represent the diversity of the students learning needs and be less based on traditional early Canadian school models from the past.

• As technology quickly changes, so too could Northern and First Nations students who could learn about, geography, topography, geomatics and using satellite technologies for helping provide information and mapping of their communities to help foster education or promote business opportunities that may promote the community and profit from it student base looking towards the future as the north develops further

• Students learning can benefit from learning happening inside and outside the classroom

• Physical outdoor learning environments can benefit student physical and mental health while also help to sustain and promote various modes of student learning at same time

• Students learning and collaborating to solve a problems together

• Imagine teachers inviting elders or outside educators and practitioners from a wide variety of professions coming in to present various jobs and professions related to outdoor management, infrastructure development

• whether it be engineers, architects, outdoor sports education, forestry, construction, mining, parks and recreation development from different backgrounds and professions teaching and collaborating outdoor students learn and development

• Option for outdoor learning could also include a hands on work project for student alongside professionals such a clear cutting forest, grading and road construction or community sidewalk path construction, creating a community gathering space, building a house, teacherage or small storage infrastructure facility for community